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I provide my express consent to Nedbank to process my personal information as defined in legislation, including fingerprints, biometric personal identification details, photographs and identity verification in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act of 2001, for purposes of providing financial services and preventing fraud and money laundering, and to send my personal information to third parties in order to provide a service to me, and also to send such information to foreign countries, when necessary, by electronic or other means for processing. I understand such countries may not have specific data privacy laws.

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You will be automatically enrolled to the Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme (The Greenbacks Rewards Programme monthly linkage fee charged in arrears).

Linked to this credit card account is the Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme, offering you Greenbacks points on all eligible spend.  You will receive a Nedbank Greenbacks MasterCard and Nedbank Greenbacks American Express┬« credit card (sharing the same credit line and linked to the same account number). The American Express┬« card will allow you to earn double Greenbacks at no additional cost. The Greenbacks Rewards Programme monthly linkage fee is charged in arrears.

Already a member? Please supply your Greenbacks membership number

With a Nedbank Personal credit card, Greenbacks Rewards cannot be earned and no Affinities will be linked to the card.

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We require your consent to access your bank statements (where your salary is paid into) directly from other financial institutions for the purpose of verifying your financial information. Do you give us this consent? We will require these documents from you if we cannot obtain them.

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