Manage your home buying experience like never before

Buying a home is probably one of the most important, and complex, purchases you’ll ever make … and that’s where the Nedbank Home-buying Toolkit comes in, giving you the insight and information you need to make an informed decision when buying your dream home.

Now available on the Nedbank Money app™.

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With the home-buying toolkit, you can:

  • Get preapproval on the home loan amount you qualify for.
  • Search for properties that suit your needs.
  • Get free property reports to give insights about the home you want to buy, such as the property value, comparative values, nearest amenities and much more.
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How to start using the
Nedbank Home-buying Toolkit

  • Select “Apply” on the footer.
  • Select “Home Buying Toolkit”.
  • Authenticate to access the Home Buying Toolkit.
  • Explore your desired feature.